No. Sellers are not required to work a helper shift, but doing so will result in higher profits since sellers who become a helper have the potential to make up to 80% and have their consignor registration fee waived.

No anyone can become a helper (moms, grandparents, dads). You are then qualified to shop early without have to consign. A $25 deposit per shift is required for anyone helping but not consigning who signs up to work a shift after presale. Deposit will be refunded at the end of your last shift.

Per the contract, helpers agree to our “No-Show” Policy. In the event a helper does not fulfill their obligation or find a replacement, AMT Children’s Consignment will deduct $25 per shift missed from earnings check from their consigned items. Also, the helper will NOT be allowed to participate as a helper or attend pre-sale events at our next sales event.

There are all sorts of jobs available and something for everyone. You can even recruit the men in your life to help with security detail during the event and assist with large/bulky purchases (this would count as one of your shifts). If you’re short on time, you could opt to be a snack fairy (those helper shifts will go quickly!!!), post signs to designated areas, etc.

Yes, the baseline is 70% for everyone. If you become a helper at the sale, you have the potential to earn up to 80%. See Benefits of Helping for full details.

Proper preparation of items does take time, but it will assure the best results in sales and, therefore, more money in your pocket! Our barcode system makes entering and printing price tags a breeze! We encourage sellers to begin preparing early, doing a little each day. It is not unheard of to make over $1,000 at our sale, so your hard work can really PAY off! (Read our Choosing & Preparing Guide for more details and you can also take advantage of our exclusive tagging service.)

The benefit of selling at AMT is that we will bring in hundreds of shoppers who are specifically looking for baby, children’s and maternity items. you don’t have to advertise, haggle over price, have strangers at your home, and you are able to remain anonymous. You do not have to meet strangers and put yourself in possible danger.  

Because of our unique scanning system, you can log into your consignor account each night after the sale closes for the evening to see what you’ve sold!

Wire hangers make the clothes look nicer and takes less space on the racks. In other words, shoppers can easily slide clothes back and forth on the racks while browsing without breaking hangers (resulting in cloths on the floor and possible damage to other clothes from the sharp edges). The tighter and more difficult the clothes are to shop, the less likely buyers are to purchase your items.

While we make every attempt to have our helpers watch the showroom floor for lost tags and theft, we cannot be held responsible for damaged or missing items. Remember to check our “lost & found” table when you pick up your unsold merchandise for these types of things.

No! This information is for our use only in order to notify you of future events and in sending your earned commissions.