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Shopping Tips

Shopping Bags:

AMT does not provide shopping bags at check out. We ask that you please bring reusable tote bags to carry home your merchandise. We do not have bags that you can purchase at checkout. We do provide shopping baskets and bags for you to borrow while you shop.

Payment Options:

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex as well as cash. No personal checks accepted. 


Make it a girl's day out!

Bring a family member or friend with you.

Child Policies:

We recommend that you get a babysitter or leave the little ones home with dad. Sales can be a little crazy. If you do bring your child, please use a small umbrella stroller or baby carrier. Space is limited and it is important that everyone can move about the sale easily.

Helpers Pre-Sale:

Sign up to consign or be a helper to beat the crowds by getting a pass to shop the pre-sale.


AMT does not own the merchandise being sold. Please do not allow children to play with items until they are purchased.

Take a load off!

Stick your credit card and wallet in your pocket so you do not have to carry a heavy purse.

Be prepered:

Bring a wish list of the items you need. Include your child’s current sizes in shoes, shirts and bottoms.

Fun tip:  Trace your child’s foot on a piece of paper to use to check if shoes will fit!

Heavy Items:

If an item is too large to carry, remove the BOTTOM PORTION OF THE TAG only and bring it with you to checkout. It is important to leave the top portion of the tag attached to the item as this is how you will pick it up after it has been paid. There is a hold limit of 2 hours to prevent people from leaving without paying for the item.

Discount Days

Friday starts our 25%off day followed by Saturday for our 50% off sale! Items with the word REDUCE or BLACK/RED DOT will be reduced 25% on Friday & 50% on Saturday, starting at 10am. All items without the word REDUCE or BLAC/RED DOT are still for sale but at the regular price.

Quality Assurance:

If you come across items with stains, holes or other damage, that somehow slipped through the cracks, please let a helper know! We immediately remove such items from the sales floor. Helpers do their best to catch these at check in, but they are human and can miss things from time to time.

Returning unwanted items:

Please return unwanted items to the racks in the proper size when you are finished sorting. Think of other shoppers and be considerate. The quicker you return unwanted items to the racks the quicker other shoppers can find their special bargain. If you do it for them, they will do it for you!

Checking out:

When you are ready to checkout, just get in line. DO NOT REMOVE TAGS.

Fitting Rooms:

Fitting rooms are NOT available.

All sales are final

Please inspect items closely before purchasing.